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Our passionate and experienced team have been providing your companion animal and livestock with quality and professional veterinary care in the Humboldt County and  surrounding areas since 1947. 

We are committed to your pet maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide the best veterinary care by offering progressive therapeutic and diagnostic medicine as well as professional and compassionate care.

Our staff is dedicated to their careers in the veterinary field and truly enjoy working with your pets! We love what we do!

 3/30/17                        April and May are Cat Days!

                                                    Starting April 1st until May 31st, get $25 examinations for any new cats, OR for any cat that has not had a physical examination with us in the past 3 years! For the next 2 months, get 50% off your cat's next physical exam!And let's not forget with Spring comes...kittens! If you have recently acquired a furry new family member, or plan to, don't forget they will need veterinary care, too! Not only will your kitten's 1st examination be half off, but you'll also receive a FREE Kitten Kit filled with tons of great information and awesome goodies! Speaking of awesome goodies...What better way to show your appreciation for your furry feline family than with their very own tree house?!

Enter to win one of these Cat Condo Tree Houses when you bring your cat into Ferndale or Fortuna Veterinary! We will even let you enter more than once! We will have one cat tree for each hospital. Must enter in person from either location! One entry per cat per visit, but come back and you can enter again!

You can call either Ferndale Veterinary (707) 786-4200 or Fortuna Veterinary (707) 725-6131 or you can use the button below to request an appointment! Don't forget to mention the $25 promo!

1/19/17                      Discounted Dental Procedures

                                        February is National Pet Dental Health Month!  As a lot of you know, we offer a special discount during the month of February for pet dental procedures. But this year we're taking it even further! From February 1st now through March 31st, get 15% off your pet's entire dental procedure! Yep, ENTIRE procedure. For the next 2 months! This includes the ultra-sonic cleaning and polishing, pre-anesthetic blood work and any tooth extractions and medications! Call our office today to schedule your pet's oral health exam or dental cleaning procedure!


We are excited to announce our new Campaign feature! Every 2 months our hospitals will be running a new campaign to help promote pet health awareness. What does this mean for clients? Discounted services and products, of course! We know that sometimes maintaining your pet's health can get expensive and overwhelming, so we are pulling out all the stops to help make taking care of your pet as easy as possible. We will be working with our food, drug and laboratory representatives to try and bring you the best, most affordable veterinary care we can. You can follow us on Facebook or just make sure we have a current email address on file to receive the most current campaigns and discounted products and services


On September 15th, 2016, the ownership of Ferndale and Fortuna Veterinary passed from Dr. Chuck Ozanian and Dr. Kevin Silver, to Dr. Kristopher Flores, and his wife, Jennifer Flores, RVT. Dr. Silver and Dr. Ozanian would like to express "a deep appreciation to all our clients who have entrusted us with the health of their pets and livestock" and "it has been an honor to serve as animal health professionals for a community that values animal and public health." They have strived to carry on the tradition of their predecessors Dr. Harlan Detlefsen and Dr. Mel Roberts and are confident Dr. Flores will continue in that endeavor. Dr. Silver and Dr. Ozanian would also like to publicly thank all the current (and past) employees who have helped share the responsibility of animal care with them. The efforts of dedicated and loyal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, receptionists and kennel assistants have been an amazing attribute to the practice. They would also like to give special recognition to Kelly Victorine, who has worked tirelessly as office manager for over 25 years! Bravo! From the staff to Dr. Ozanian and Dr. Silver we say: thank you. We cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for the most wonderful employers an employee could ask for. You've created a unique environment that nurtures and cares for it's staff like no other and we are proud to not only call you a boss, but also our friends. Currently, Dr. Silver and Dr. Ozanian are only working part-time between the two hospitals and are enjoying their much deserved time off. They will continue to be a part of Dr. and Mrs. Flores' new enterprise until, as Dr. Ozanian says, "they grow weary of us old timers!"